[Pipet Devel] RE: ref counting in Bonobo

Nat Friedman nat at nat.org
Fri Oct 1 03:08:28 EDT 1999

Svanberg Liss writes:
 > > I was wondering about the implications of the ref counting routines in the
 > > Unknown interface.  If I have a remote client that's holding a reference
 > > to an object in a server, and the client crashes, what happens?
 > >
 > > I've heard that Microsoft is trying to implement distributed garbage
 > > collection in COM+ 2.0.  And I mean full mark-and-sweep type garbage
 > > collection.  It's hard to imagine making that work.
 > >
 > > Do Bonobo client programs explicitly call ref and unref on server objects,
 > > or is this all handled transparently by Gnome?
 > There is nothing wrong with refcounting, as long as you can exiplictly kill
 > an object.

We do have gnome_object_destroy(), but don't encourage its wide-spread
use for the obvious reasons.


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