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Lapointe, David David.Lapointe at umassmed.edu
Fri Oct 1 12:45:05 EDT 1999

Here's some XML info which came from the perl-XML list today. 

A number of XML-folk have gotten together to set up an XML news site.
Named in honor of both the 'Desperate Perl Hacker' who was a key icon in
the development of XML and the many journalists (hacks) out there typing
away, xmlhack.com hopes to bring developers the latest news on XML
happenings and discussions.

xmlhack: developer news from the XML community

  xmlhack.com is a web site covering essential news, issues, opinions
  and programming advice from the XML developer community.

  It aims to:

	* provide succinct and informative summaries of current issues and
	   emerging technologies in the XML world

	* promote XML and its uses among developers: particularly with
	   those who don't have the time to read five mailing lists every

	* recognize and reflect the distinct flavor of the XML community

	* cover discussions as well as projects

	* help new users find their way among the hundreds of different
	   directions XML is going

	* give developers another way to find related projects and
	   cross-pollinate ideas

Feedback is welcome - I think we've only got one Perl/XML story up so far,
but more will be coming!

Simon St.Laurent
XML: A Primer (2nd Ed - September)
Building XML Applications
Inside XML DTDs: Scientific and Technical
Sharing Bandwidth / Cookies


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