[Pipet Devel] gnome/gtk+ application development manual

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Tue Oct 5 14:54:02 EDT 1999

"Alan J. Williams" wrote:
> From there you may want to get Havoc Pennington's book (which Gary brought
> up) at http://developer.gnome.org/doc/GGAD/.

For those who haven't gone to see it, the whole book is online in HTML.

> There is another book
> (Developing Linux Applications with GTK+ and GDK - by Eric Harlow) but I
> found it to be disappointing. Your better off with the GTK+ tutorial and
> Havoc's book.

I have both books in printed form, and they have been decent for reference on
occation.  Keep in mind, though, that they are about GUI development and don't
get into any of the networking tools that Gnome is known for.

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