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J. Steinbachs stein at fmppr.fmnh.org
Thu Oct 14 18:43:37 EDT 1999

> > 5.  They will be running through Java, which IMHO sucks pretty bad. its
> > more example of pushing the web to places where it was not really
> > intended.
> Why is it there are so many Java apps for bioinformatics, yet no one seems to
> use them?

Because Java is slow? :)

I have yet to see a good speedy java app that actually does

Thinking of apps...  Check out this recent issue of Bioinformatics:

Milanesi et al.  GeneBuilder: interactive in silico prediction of gene
structure.  15(7/8):612-621
web version of genebuilder can be found at

Kolchanov et al.  Integrated databases and computer systems for studying
eukaryotic gene expression.  15(7/8):669-686

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