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Fri Oct 15 04:47:33 EDT 1999


>Since their design is so close to ours, I am a bit concerned that
>NetGenics may _claim_ that we stole it.  On the other hand, we've been
>discussing Loci in an open forum for a year now, so maybe they stole
>_our_ design :-) Seriously, we are dealing with a commercial entity,
>and they get pretty nasty when it comes to intellectual property, as I
>have had first hand experience with such matters.

I have met the NetGenics folk at a couple of conferences, and they
seemd very happy to discuss Synergy and public domain software. They
have shown interest in EMBOSS and they could be interested in working
with Loci.

One of the nice things about CORBA is the way it encourages developers
to work together. It becomes very hard to do that if you also want
to be aggressive about intellectual property.

I would recommend contacting them and see what they have to say.
Wonder whether they are aware of Loci yet?

>I didn't find any information on pricing for SYNERGY or even screenshots.

Screenshots and more information are available at:


>From the nature of Synergy I would guess pricing is customised
for each customer, but I have no idea what level they pitch it at.


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