[Pipet Devel] Re: SV: Meta-Application again...

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Sep 6 07:25:33 EDT 1999

Svanberg Liss wrote:
> I don't think that I may call myself a Gnome developer, but I am a
> programmer, and I have been following Gnome a while.
> ( I've been working on a clipboard for Gnome, but I havn't released it yet,
> since it contains some incompabilities with Bonobo. )

Ahhh.  Okay.

> In an "earlier life" I was a biology student, if that matters...

Well, the first EXTENSION to Loci will be for bioinformatics.  We want the CORE
distribution to be general-purpose (non-bioinformatics) and data-type
independent.  This way, Loci can be extended to do many things and suit a larger
audience.  BUT, the vast majority on this list are interested in bioinformatics
applications, and I am a bioinformaticist.  Thus we will keep our needs in mind
during development.

> I really am interested in developing Loci, I just don't know how much time I
> will be able to spend with it...
> (I'm allready working on two projects which take much of my time.)

"Many hands make for light work."  (Does anyone know where that comes from,
BTW?)  Nearly everyone tells me that they have little time to spare, and I can't
expect anyone to give up food to become a Loci developer :-)  Any help you can
offer would be wonderful.

> First of all, I need to have a working copy (of loci) running at home.
> ( This might take some time, since I dont have any realiable internet
> connections... :(

Heh heh.  I can tell you think the project is further along than it really is. 
The infrastructure (connection between the GUI and the GNOME components like
ORBit) doesn't exist, but we are working on it.  (This is where we need the most
help.)  Something that is beginning to look like a GUI (the 'Workbench' or
'Workspace') exists and is written using the gnome-python bindings (by James
Henstridge).  It currently needs gnome-python 1.0.3 or better, and gnome-libs
1.0.10 or better.  This is where we keep the snapshots:


The tarball is called 'loci-core'.  Try the latest.

> Secondly, I need some extra time to examine the code, unless you allready
> has put togeather some "inside the code" document´s...

Again, we're not that far along :-/

> But why not. Let's sign up! :)

Great.  Would you like a shell account (with CVS access)?

> ps. Is there any LOCI-FAQ about compiling loci?

No FAQ, but the Workbench is in Python, which of course is an interpreted
scripting language.  If you can get gnome and gnome-python compiled, you should
be able to run it.

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