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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Sep 6 12:10:29 EDT 1999


I going to submit the following abstract for the Open Source/Open Science
conference, ASAP.  Please comment on any corrections needed.  Regarding names,
listed are those who have contributed to the DESIGN of Loci over the months. 
This does not include other forms of contribution, otherwise the list would be
much longer.


J.W. Bizzaro*, Justin Bradford, Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga, Gary Van Domselaar,
Alan J. Williams, Rahul Jain & Tim Triche, Jr.

*To whom correspondence should be addressed

The Open Lab
28 Pope Street
Hudson, MA 01749


Loci is a network-distributed system of clients and servers ("loci") for data
processing.  Client types include programs that process data (perform analysis,
translation and visualization).  (These loci are not part of the system but
come as extensions, making Loci independent of data-type and thus
general-purpose.)  Other clients include control structure (e.g., if and while)
and graphical user interface (GUI) loci.  All loci are represented as nodes
in a graphical "Work Flow Diagram" (WFD) and joined by lines that depict
network connections.  The system therefore provides a workspace for connecting
and combining loci to form a graphical scripting language.  The
network-distributed nature of Loci deals with large datasets in a unique way:
GUI loci reside on a local workstation while compute-intensive data-processing
loci execute remotely on high-performance computers.  The joining of loci
across the Internet can also be used to form world-wide collaboratives and
bring an infinitely extensible set of loci to the user.  Numerous development
tools used include Python, GTK+ and the GNOME environment: CORBA, DOM, XML and
so on.

More information can be found at http://bioinformatics.org/loci/

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