[Pipet Devel] SV: [Pipet Devel] abstract

Svanberg Liss lisss at ydab.se
Tue Sep 7 13:25:50 EDT 1999

> > Do the lines really depict network connections or rather data "pipes"
> > which may or may not be accross a network?
> (Even though I just submitted the abstract, these comments will be helpful
> writing the poster.)
> That's something that we have to work out.  I imagined that they would all
> 'network-based' data pipes, if that makes any sense.  So, if the GUI and
> analysis program both reside on the user's computer, the connection will
> loop back.  URI:

If you are using CORBA connections, you need not to worry about such things.
At least ORBit uses local domain sockets ( == mem mapped ) if both end
connections reside on the same machine. :)
I think mico does this too, but I'm not sure.

> This way, Loci never has to distinguish between a remote locus and a local
> everything works via TCP/IP, Internet socket/port, or whatever.  But you
> are more familiar with this sort of thing.  Maybe there's a major flaw in
> idea.

Has anybody been checking out some multicast technlogy that could be useful
to loci?
Since loci should be general - purpose and network wide, you might end up at
least sometime with a large number of loci that works with the same data.
Using TCP/IP in such an application would be very inefficient.
And unfortunately, the CORBA standard does not support multicasting. It
would at least be very hard to inplement it. :(

// Liss

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