[Pipet Devel] Tools for parsing XML with Python

Svanberg Liss lisss at ydab.se
Mon Sep 27 14:16:20 EDT 1999

> > In the best possible world, asking for x5559999 should retreive it from
> > genbank the first time, then cache it and transparently refer to the
> > copy for every subsequent reference until it expires from the loci
cache. This
> > is where we really need a database, to keep track of the source and
> > location of any locus. The database may also serve as primary storage
> > localy defined loci, where loci is used here in it's most general form,
> > refering to sequence data, results, programs, user interfaces, etc.
> I couldn't have said it better myself.  We want _minimal_ transfer of
> information.

Sounds like you want "virtual distributed memory" instead of CORBA ;)

// Liss

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