[Pipet Devel] SV: [Pipet Devel] Tools for parsing XML with Python

Svanberg Liss lisss at ydab.se
Mon Sep 27 14:16:44 EDT 1999

> Hmmm.  So this is all Bonobo?  Does Gnome-DB make use of Bonobo?  *sigh*
you can
> see why we're using Gnome as the foundation for Loci :-)

Well, they says so...
But since I havn't looked at the code yet ( I cannot download it from them )
I cannot know if they *should use when they are ready* or *are using*
bonobo... ;)

Actually, bonobo is a bit more than just compund documents.
If loci would be based upon bonobo, I think a working release would require
only a way to store persistant *connections* between CORBA objects.
( Preferably with a GUI :)

Later on we could add support to dynamically create connections between
CORBA objects.
( So you would store "object A should be connected to an object that can do
B" instead of "object A should be connected to object B" )

This might sound little, but I think it will require enough work, and it
would *really* improve any operating system.
( And then, we could of course add new features not found in bonobo :)

Bonobo allows you to do a lot of "magic" with various objects, but it allso
requires you to write programs that uses the objects. Loci could give the
end-user the possibility to use these objects directly, and this soley is
more than it sounds like.

// Liss

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