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(1/10) Hey Jeff (and anyone else who is interested); I just wanted to let you know my coding plans for this upcoming weekend because I'd like to try and coordi
(2/10) nate front development along with what I'm doing so we can get it implemented and test it out. As I mentioned, I've pulled myself out of the GUI comlete
(3/10) ly so that I won't be interfering there any more :-) As a result this has led me to start thinking about how to implement stuff xml-wise and not gui-wis
(4/10) e, so I could use your input. Specifically what I'm blathering about is that I've just about (keeping my fingers crossed here!) got a generalized loci d
(5/10) isconnection communication protocol finished (and partly implemented in the GUI, but only during deletion of loci, and I have not thought about providin
(6/10) g a way for generalized disconnecting of loci). This weekend I'm hoping to tackle persistance/saving of loci in the back/private directory and, if I am 
(7/10) really lucky, start thinking about how to try to whip up a connection diagram into a good XML representation (of course, we have to work the basis of th
(8/10) is out with the other vsh guys). Do you have ideas about how these things should work in the GUI? I'll need the GUI to test things out and make sure I'm
(9/10)  implementing them properly, and just thought we could try and coordinate stuff and get this all working beautifully as soon as we can. What do you thin
(10/10) k? What are your plans? Brad __ pipet-devel maillist  -  pipet-devel at bioinformatics.org http://bioinformatics.org/mailman/listinfo/pipet-devel
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