[Pipet Devel] Mesquite

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Tue Apr 25 10:51:51 EDT 2000

Jennifer wrote:
> I've started playing with a new program targeted to evolutionary
> biologists, called Mesquite.  Wayne Maddison is one of the authors
> (UArizona I think).  On first glance, the principals looked similar to
> LOCI, so I suggested he contact you.  On a second glance, it really
> parallels LOCI, with the major exception being that Mesquite is written in
> java.  I don't recall his web page offhand, but if you do a search on
> Maddison and Mesquite, you should find his page with little trouble.
> After playing a bit more, Mesquite is clearly designed for post-alignment
> anaysis of sequences :(  Given the file format the authors are using, it
> would be difficult to change that.

Gary wrote:
> You can find the web page at:
> http://spiders.arizona.edu/mesquite/mesquite.html
> From my first pass at the documentation, mesquite appears to be an
> evolulationary analysis development environment.  It provides modules
> and libraries for phylogenetic manipulation. It has a modular design, so
> developers can glue generic utilities (charts, data editors, tree
> manipulators, etc.), and add their own specific functionality, into a
> specialized application for evolutionary analysis.  It has elements that
> are similar to Loci/Vsh, but is not quite as abstracted, IMO.

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