[Pipet Devel] summary for web

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Tue Apr 4 18:20:51 EDT 2000

Jeff wrote:
> So that is your summary for the web?

Well... it wasn't meant to be :-) That was just a discussion topic 
that led from my original summary, which Jarl correctly pointed out 
was waaaaay to vague in how communication between remote vsh 
implementations should occur.
    It seemed to me the plan is pretty controversial since it proposes 
that all remote communication occur through the definition layer (the 
middle scripting layer) and not at the level of node processing. It 
was based on my attempts (probably failed) to learn about methods 
for implementing distributed systems based on Jarl's suggestion that 
all remote note authentication should occur in the definition layer. 
The proposal is basically derived from some systems I read about where 
the corba/distributed layer was implemented separately from the layers 
that do the actual work (the processing layer in our case). I tried to 
adapt it to the vsh setup.
    In addition, since this system would probably require a 
multithreaded server in the definition layer (to deal with possibly 
simultaneous communication with the processing layer and multiple 
remote implementations), this proposal led me to worry about using 
ORBit for all our communication.
    But if no one wants to voice any objects to the plan (and Jarl 
even said it was worth trying out :) that I guess it might as well be 
the basis of part of the summary for the web :-)


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