[Pipet Devel] Re: Security model

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Apr 7 06:39:52 EDT 2000

>> This "connection" will be mediated by the local DL, right? So a 
>> DL will never directly communicate with a local BL. The local DL 
>> accept some XML to be processed from the remote DL, and then submit
>> this to the local BL under its own dlId and uri instanceID. So this
>> DL authentication (to gain access to nodes) will need to mediated
>> through a dl->dl connection that I'll need to do.
> No, I'm saying the BL wont notice the differance between a local or 
a remote
> DL.
> The only problem with remote DL's is that the (local) root DL must 
know about
> that remote one in order to authoritized it.

Okay, I think we are saying the same thing--that a local dl has to 
accept a connection from a remote dl and get it authorized to use the 
local bl. This will be occuring in a (not yet defined) dl->dl corba 

> (note: the transported data will be encrypted with the DL password 
as key.)

Man, Jarl, you are awesome! This just helped me figure out a problem I 
was having with secure password storage in the dl. Thanks!

> OK, so this means will will have a system that is like the unix 
> system,
> only groups have passwords too in VSH!

This sounds like a good plan to me. Jeff, does this jive with your 
security ideas?

>>     How will the permissions for node access by assigned? All
>> authorized DLs (by tha authorize function) have access to the same
>> nodes as their parent (the DL that created them)?
> No, they have access to the nodes created with THEIR DLid.
> And yes, this makes it possible to have multiple logins on the same 
> To get access to another DL's nodes, use login 'level' (?)  

Okay, I think I understand your point, although I'm not sure what you 
mean by login level...

> We should therefor deside if it can be possible for a DL to login to 
>  DL and to a BL at the same time. I didn't though about the 
consequences yet..

This makes my head hurt :-) I think we should keep it simple for the 
time being. I think the only idea about of one dl being able to log 
into another was so one dl could control the other (ie. you could 
control the gnome gui display using the (not yet developed) speech 
recognition user interface. Am I right on this Jeff, or did you have 
bigger ideas of two dls connecting?

> Maybe this new field of the uriS will make this possible?
> so it will be like this (simplyfied):
> struct uriS {
>    long instaceID;
>    long groupID; //aint the same as the unix 'group' !!
>    long subnetID;
>    long nodeID;
> };
> Giving any lead?

Okay, so a group is "smaller" than a instanceID, and groups subnets 
and nodes and not users. Am I following you correctly?


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