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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Fri Apr 7 20:17:06 EDT 2000

Brad Chapman wrote:
> > Should the DL be split into 2 parts then?
> What do you mean by this? My plan was that the dl should be split into
> two parts programmatically (ie. two different servers with APIs). I
> think the two different objects will need to interoperate quite a bit,
> and haven't though about separating them formally with corba or
> something.

Yeah, I'm just thinking that if the DL is 2 parts in functionality, maybe
would could make the 2 parts different programs and give them different names.

> > Better support for multithreading is something the ORBit developers
> > are working on?
> You're asking me about gnome development? :-) I looked through the
> gnome-devel archives and didn't seem much mention of orbit development
> (there is an orbit list but I couldn't find an archive for it). From
> my rough estimation, it seems like orbit isn't under continual
> development by anyone, but is enhanced when a general need for
> enhancement arises in gnome. Threading issues are on the out of date
> (the developers' words, not mine) todo list in cvs, but I have no
> concept of when this might be addressed (probably as soon as someone
> wants it bad enough to hack on it). I don't see any mention of
> implementing a trading service, and I kind of doubt this is on many
> people's mind since I think this is what gnorba and bonobo are meant
> to do. But I'm just guessing at all this. If anyone knows better, I'd
> love to hear it.

I used to subscribe to the ORBit list.  It was (and still is AFAIK) maintained
by this guy Elliot over at RHAD Labs.  I wouldn't say ORBit development has
died.  It's a very important part of Gnome.

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