[Pipet Devel] License

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Tue Apr 18 17:24:31 EDT 2000

> So far, you, Jarl and I have stated we would like some modified 
version of
> the
> LGPL.  But we haven't heard from Brad and Dominic, both of whom 
> code.  Every author needs to agree on this.

Sorry, I don't know anything about licenses, so I'm just your posts 
trying to learn some. What you all are saying sounds fine to me--I 
guess I only care about two things:

1. Anyone who wants to use Loci/Vsh can do so freely (although if they 
*really want* to pay us, I won't be arguing :-)

2. No one can take Vsh (or a slightly modified version of it) and sell 

I think this is what everyone is saying, but I really don't know 
enough about licenses to know what does it best, and you guys seem to 
be doing fine at figuring it out :-)


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