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email from: "j.w. bizzaro" <bizzaro at geoserve.net>: Re: [Pipet Devel] Project Design (fwd)
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(1/10) Brad Chapman wrote: > > SO Gms will be adjusted to 'speak' to overflow, overflow stays the same > as it is, only restricted to local > operation. And th
(2/10) e Loci GUI will stay the same. > > Every body happy? I don't know if this is relevant to this thread, but I would like the GUI to have Overflow instance
(3/10) s contained in separate nodes.  So, Overflow networks are VSH subnets.  And, Overflow 'workspaces' are displayed in VSH 'windowlets'.  This really fits 
(4/10) in with the 'Overflow networks are local' idea, and it's what I was thinking of when I drew up those flowcharts. > Currently gms processes one data-even
(5/10) t at a time, so a data-chunk > passed the whole structure before the next is prosessed. This will > have to change to better 'all at once'  processing. 
(6/10) Just so that Loci gets its 2 cents in on this design discussion, I was thinking Loci would use a 'processor centric' approach to the problem.  That is, 
(7/10) whatever processes or modifies data in a network is first to be called. This isn't any different from the 'pull' approach when you think about it, but t
(8/10) here are some other considerations that should be given to this special class of nodes.  Afterall, we're dealing with data, and the modification of thos
(9/10) e data affects the whole system. Jeff - +----------------------------------+ |           J.W. Bizzaro           | |                                  | |
(10/10)  http://bioinformatics.org/~jeff/ | |                                  | |        BIOINFORMATICS.ORG        | |           The Open Lab           | |    
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