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email from: "j.w. bizzaro" <bizzaro at geoserve.net>: Re: [Pipet Devel] gui protocol revisited
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(1/10) Brad Chapman wrote: > > I thought that we could keep both the streaming XML dialog *and* > CORBA, but just in two different places in the program. My id
(2/10) ea was > that we could keep the small middle that we have in Loci right now to > communiate with the GUI front via the streaming XML dialog you > descri
(3/10) be. Okay, if you like that.  And I guess Jarl likes it too. >     This small middle could then also implement the CORBA interfaces > to pass the informa
(4/10) tion created in the GUI (as a work flow diagram) > into the "processing" portion of the program. It would make sense to > pass this as DOM or XML, since
(5/10)  it seems like a nice structured way to > store the data (and since Overflow already uses it to feed its "pull" > networking system). I think that event
(6/10) ually the processing part could > move through a work flow diagram in an even "smarter" way (ie. based > on the fastest way to implement it) which is wh
(7/10) at Jarl seems to be > proposing for GMS's with the neural net and genetic algorithms > processor. Here it seens to makes sense to start with what we hav
(8/10) e > (the Overflow pull system) and move into something more robust as > things move along. I'm a little confused about this 'processing part of the prog
(9/10) ram'.  Is this something GMS or Overflow has now?  Is it something you'll have to write? Also Brad, recall how Loci was going to use an XML database (XD
(10/10) BM) to store the workflow diagram (network and subnetworks).  How does this relate to the 'processing' part?  Perhaps you can explain this to the others
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