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email from: "j.w. bizzaro" <bizzaro at geoserve.net>: Re: [Pipet Devel] Re: Ideas for network distributed objects
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(1/10) jarl van katwijk wrote: > > > Jarl, what do you think about Loci's idea of using XML for GUI > > representations? > > Hmm? Please explain, I can't pinpo
(2/10) int what you're trying to say. Here's the short and simple: The user sets the parameters for nodes via some kind of interface.  The interface is describ
(3/10) ed via an XML akin to the HTML forms generated by CGI programs.  It's much quicker than other ways to transfer G/UIs. Plus, the XML can be combined to g
(4/10) enerate more elaborate GUIs.  Here is a Gtk GUI in GLADE XML as an example of how complex GUIs can be made with XML: <widget> <class>GtkWindow</class> <
(5/10) name>window1</name> <title>window1</title> <type>GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL</type> <position>GTK_WIN_POS_NONE</position> <allow_shrink>True</allow_shrink> <all
(6/10) ow_grow>True</allow_grow> <auto_shrink>False</auto_shrink> <widget> <class>GtkFixed</class> <name>fixed1</name> <widget> <class>GtkButton</class> <name>
(7/10) button1</name> <x>32</x> <y>16</y> <width>112</width> <height>40</height> <can_focus>True</can_focus> <label>button1</label> </widget> </widget> </widge
(8/10) t> Notice the heirarchy of widgets.  NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT: The heirarchy of nodes in a subnet, plus the XML descriptions of their interfaces, can be us
(9/10) ed to arrange widgets and construct a GUI! This is all in the Loci archives where we discussed 'composited GUIs' and 'constructing the command-line'.  I
(10/10) 'll certainly be talking more about this later, as it is a major design feature of Loci. Cheers. Jeff - +----------------------------------+ |          
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