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(1/10) > At the very LEAST, a collaboration should mean that the respective projects > (Loci/GMS/Oveflow) don't continue development in such a way as to incorp
(2/10) orate > incompatibilities with VSH.  If you're not excited about VSH right now, then > fine, maybe you will be later.  But you need to... > >   (1) Tell
(3/10)  us what features you'll be adding to your program >   (2) Consider whether or not features will work in the VSH system >   (3) Be prepared to change yo
(4/10) ur program to incorporate a VSH feature That's no problem... Overflow is built in a very modular way. All the functionality is built into nodes (C++ cla
(5/10) sses). If you don't like some of them, you just don't use them, but they don't interfere. If you "rm" a library you don't want, things will still work (
(6/10) without recompiling). The same for the Overflow types (like neural nets, vector quantizers, ...). As for supporting VSH, every new feature will simply b
(7/10) e a new node in Overflow. About the architecture... what about this: Everything that's done locally (including running other exceutables) is handled by 
(8/10) Overflow and all networking stuff would be handled by GMS, which would take care of connecting all Overflow processes (here I'm talking about "process" 
(9/10) in a weak sense) through a network. This way there wouldn't be any duplication. Also, every node-to-node connection in the GMS part of the GUI would be 
(10/10) assumed to be "network-able". Concerning the GUI, I don't think it would be hard to plug in what we've got so far in another app. Or we can just embed t
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