[Pipet Devel] summary for web page and announcements

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Mon Apr 24 09:49:02 EDT 2000

I'd like to post the summary to the web page.  We left off with a BL summary
by Jarl and one of the DL by Brad.  But the DL summary got quite a few
comments that led to additions and modifications.

At this point, there is no simple summary for the DL.  Perhaps Brad can put
some thoughts into 2-4 short paragraphs.  I personally need to make a summary
for the UI.  Also, Jean-Marc or Jarl needs to make a summary for the PL.

Remember to keep the summaries short.  This is not meant to be a journal
article on the subject, just something for the main web page.

And after we get that put up, I would like to make some announcements about
the collaboration.  I know that we don't have a working system yet, but I can
mention that Overflow, GMS and Loci have merged.  And I can mention what our
plans are.  This is very important so that people know we are here, and so
that no-one tries to make a VSh of their own ;-)

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