[Pipet Devel] appology

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at casema.net
Tue Apr 25 04:25:50 EDT 2000

>     Build-Time System
>         User Interfaces
>         Definitions Layer
>     Run-Time System
>         Brokering Layer
>         Processing Layer

Sounds logical.

> Oh, and can you or Jarl draw a diagram showing how 2 remote sessions of VSh
> will work together?

Brad: shall we both make one, and wait for showing it to each other untill we're
ready. I'm curious how much we're having the same structure in mind?

> Also, I'd like us to consider making an ADDITIONAL UI2DL protocol using CORBA,
> so that interfaces can be made to use sockets OR CORBA.  What do you think?

Corba is Good. Sockets are easy. :)
And we could release a skeleton UI with all the corba stuff ready.


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