[Pipet Devel] apology

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Tue Apr 25 07:14:29 EDT 2000

Jeff wrote:
> I also see now where the split is between build-time (when the 
network is
> constructed by the user) and run-time (when the network is 
executed).  Maybe
> in the summary could show this split:
>    Build-Time System
>        User Interfaces
>        Definitions Layer
>    Run-Time System
>        Brokering Layer
>        Processing Layer
> In recent e-mails, you were calling this 'run-time system' the 
> system', which made me think you were talking about the PL.

Thanks for putting this all so succinctly and clearly. What I was 
_trying_ to say in my last message was that the dl is the glue that 
binds the Build-Time system with the Run-Time system. I apologize for 
not making things more clear.

Jeff wrote:
> Oh, and can you or Jarl draw a diagram showing how 2 remote sessions 
of VSh
> will work together?
Jarl wrote:
> Brad: shall we both make one, and wait for showing it to each other 
> we're both ready. 
> I'm curious how much we're having the same structure in mind?

Sounds like a fun game :-) Reminds me of science olympiad in high 
school when I was in the 'write-it/build-it' competition. One part of 
our group had a half hour to look at this crazy structure made out of 
Legos and write down a desciption of how to build it. Then the other 
part of our group had to take this desciption and the individual parts 
and try to build the original structure from the description. 
Hopefully in this case we won't come up with two completely different 
structures :-)

> Also, I'd like us to consider making an ADDITIONAL UI2DL protocol 
> so that interfaces can be made to use sockets OR CORBA.  What do you 

Execellent idea. I'll put this on my mental ToDo list (but for later). 
I think it'll be interesting to see if people designing new user 
interfaces would rather use corba or sockets, so hopefully eventually 
we can migrate to one or the other (since upkeeping two could get to 
be a pain). I personally would rather this be corba, but it'll 
ultimately be up to user interface designers.


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