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(1/10) Brad Chapman wrote: > > 2. A method for requesting a list of programs/libraries registered > with the processing engine. I think the "middle" should kee
(2/10) p XML > descriptions of these separate from the processing engine, so this way > we can keep the messaging objects light weight (ie. they don't need > a
(3/10) ny knowledge of the description or other info about a program--just > how to run it and get stuff back from it). Absolutely.  Libraries, etc. for the GU
(4/10) I are only REFERRED to via URI.  This stuff may already be available on the local host, so to minimize transfer, the local host is given the OPTION to g
(5/10) et a remote copy or use the local one. This is an old Loci discussion (initiated by Humberto and Justin IIRC).  Which reminds me, we should also send li
(6/10) brary version information in the stream. That way, the local system will know if a newer version is available. > This way the "middle" can > also keep t
(7/10) he XML files for programs organized into directories of > similar programs, so they will be easy to find for the user. However, > before giving a GUI ac
(8/10) cess to a program representation, it will need > to confirm with the middle that the (? I think you fell asleep typing this ;-)) The others probably don
(9/10) 't understand what we mean by 'XML representation'. > 3. Methods for querying the middle to determine the "status" of a > process. Right.  BTW, I want t
(10/10) o have a status 'symbol' (no pun intended) displayed for and with each node. > I would be happy to have one. I'm all about structure etc. The way my > l
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