[Pipet Devel] progress on pied

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Wed Aug 2 22:09:12 EDT 2000

I have successfully changed a lot of names in Pied.  Recall that Pied was the
GUI for Loci and that we have decided to pretty much adopt Overflow's
nomenclature.  Pied is working well with these new names, although the source
is not yet in CVS.

The one remaining issue about names is what to call that little thingy that
dangles unconnected from the icon.  I was going to call it "link", but Brad
pointed out link refers to a /connected/ thingy.  The Loci term was
"connector".  But I think I connector forms a "connection", not a link.  A
link is formed by a "linker"?

Anyway, maybe we should vote on it.  Jeff's little dangling thingy should be

  (1) Link
  (2) Connector
  (3) Linker
  (4) Branch
  (5) Line
  (6) Thingy

Any other non-profane suggestions?  What would you call the lines forming a
flow chart or tree?  Remember that this also applies to non-graphical UI's
such as Peep.

I'll continue working on shifting stuff around in Pied and tackling tasks in
Pied's TODO list.  I've got thingy names working, just like the node names.  I
should have thingy windowlets working soon too.  Thingy selection is another
big task.  Thingies will actually be somewhat more distinct from the nodes
they're connected to, having more features than before.

Lots to do.  I could go on and on.

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