[Pipet Devel] When Should Source Be Released?

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Aug 4 15:14:14 EDT 2000

There is a relevant discussion at Slashdot about when a new project should be

``While releasing the source early is a good thing, it can be released too
early. I would never release the code to a project that wasn't in a runnable
state, and would honestly consider holding off source releases until the
project was at least in the "beta" stage.''

``Releasing early also gives you the advantage of having more eyes looking at
your code early to spot any bad design decisions -- it's a lot easier to fix
bad choices early in the project than it is when the code is more developed...
You don't want to have to rewrite the entire foundation just because you made
a seemingly good decision early on, which later turns out to cause issues.''



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