[Pipet Devel] progress on pied

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Wed Aug 2 23:09:06 EDT 2000

Brad Chapman wrote:
> I am suggesting that we leave both alone for right now. In my mind it
> seems unambiguous and I'm not getting confused.  I do not want to touch
> the .n format for fear of making Jean-Marc's Overflow stuff be
> incompatible with Piper. I also do not really want to change very much
> code just for naming issues. Changing names is a painful and unenjoyable
> exercise for me and the dl is already enough of a mess right now since I
> just had to rewrite it yet again to incorporate Jean-Marc's plan. So
> unless people are really confused by the naming, I again vote to be lazy
> and leave things the way they are.

Alright then, since I already have the little thingies called "link" in Pied,
and it doesn't affect the DL, I'll keep it that way for now.

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