[Pipet Devel] Snazzy CVS commits

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Aug 4 21:08:59 EDT 2000

J.W. Bizzaro wrote:
>  What's the status of libxml 2 ?

Well, it is out there and working and all of that stuff. I don't think
there are questions about whether or not it is usable. The issue that
Jean-Marc brought up earlier was -> what version of libxml are people
likely to have already installed on their machine? I don't really know
the answer to this, but I just installed linux and it came with 1.8.6, so
I guess sticking with 1 for now makes as much sense as moving to 2.

>  So, you've actually been changing Overflow code?

Shhhh, not so loud, Jean-Marc might hear :-). Sure, yeah, Jean-Marc and I
have had to make some adjustments, mostly so that Piper could get more
information from the UI libs. These changes are all compatible with
Overflow, so we're just working on melding Overflow and Piper together as
much as possible. This will make it nice and easy for Jean-Marc to switch
over to Piper :-).

>  That's great.  Are you running Piper on your 486?  I know it's been a
>  little slow on my P1/200.

Yeah, it's a 486 and it runs pretty okay. I think the important thing for
now is that it is not *so incredibly slow* like it was previously. Trying
to make small changes to get speed up is not something we need to worry
about right now, I don't think. Besides, by the time we finish with
Piper, computers will be a lot faster :-).

>  So, have you made any changes to the UI2DL IDL that might break Pied?

Nope, the idl is intact. Three cheers for modularity!


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