[Pipet Devel] solutions spanning the drug discovery pipeline

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sun Aug 27 23:20:52 EDT 2000

``ISMB 2000, LA JOLLA, Calif., Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Sun Microsystems, Inc.
(Nasdaq: SUNW, news, msgs) and Molecular Simulations, Inc. (MSI), a wholly
owned subsidiary of Pharmacopeia, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCOP, news, msgs), today
announced their collaboration to deliver advanced dot-com grade solutions
spanning the drug discovery pipeline. Leveraging the robust, scalable and
highly-reliable Solaris(TM) Operating Environment, Sun and MSI will enable
cheminformatics and bioinformatics researchers to deploy MSI's solutions
across networked environments and through application service providers
(ASPs). The collaboration aims to open new markets for MSI's bioinformatics
and structural biology products, and demonstrates Sun's strengthened
commitment to dot-com the discovery process.''


The cat is out of the bag.  We should no longer be surprised when we see and
hear people talk about ideas similar to ours for Piper.  As the Intel article
I sent yesterday says, the concept is likely to be the next big wave on the
Internet.  Now we can play along or take a back seat.  I'd rather play :-)


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