[Pipet Devel] python vs. perl

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Thu Feb 17 02:04:08 EST 2000

There is an interesting article and discussion about this scripting language
war.  Here is a comment posted by a (former) Perl programmer:

It's sort of like a really clean C++ with the convenience of Perl. 

I would HIGHLY recommend Python as being something you need to learn and start
using! I mean, Perl is good for hacking stuff together because you know how to
do it in Perl. Even Bash is good for that.. But Python really gives you a good
feeling that you are architecting something that is made to work, made to
last, and made to be maintainable. And Python is extremely good for quick
Perl-ish hack jobs. 

Maybe Perl (in reference to an above post) is for artists, but I think Python
is for designers. Know which one you are, before you do anything else. 


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