[Pipet Devel] G Van Domselaar TODO 20000218

Gary Van Domselaar gvd at redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca
Fri Feb 18 21:32:00 EST 2000

Just so you locians don't think I'm totally slacking...

1.  Convert the SourceForge project development environment into a
    project environment.  This is gonna be a couple of weeks at least. 
There's a lot 
    of nifty code to be modified for our TOL.  You can monitor the
progress by pointing 
    your browsers to alpha.bioinformatics.org.  Any suggestions on
style, structure, content
    etc. etc. are welcome!

2.  Migrate the existing TOL projects into the new environment.  It
should be sweet!

3.  Harry's piqued my interest in the OpenDX/ ACE environments.  I'd
like to study their architectures
    and hopefully apply what I learn to help design Loci's
communications brokering engine.

4.  Read 'Inside OLE', 'GNOME/GTk+ Application Development', 'GNOME &

5.  Start writing some intelligent documentation.


                                  Gary Van Domselaar
                               gary at bioinformatics.org
                           bioinformatics.org: The Open Lab

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