[Pipet Devel] G Van Domselaar TODO 20000218

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Feb 21 21:06:59 EST 2000

Gary wrote:
>> Is there a book on GNOME & CORBA now?  Or are you referring to 
online docs?
> Yeah, the online docs are worth reading a couple of times.  If anyone
> can recommend a good book on CORBA for me, I'd appreciate that as 
> Brad?  You seem to be doing pretty well; I see your posts all over
> biopython ;-)

Hmmm! I think you are definately overestimating my corba skills... 
Everything that I've looked at has pretty much been stuff from the 
list. Basically, I read through some really basic Corba stuff (on the 
omg page and elsewhere) about 100 million times until I could finally 
manage to grasp the general concept of what was going on. Then I 
started into reading the Fnorb docs (which I think are a pretty good 
intro to things, especially for python) and then headed on into the 
Bonobo docs (very enlightening for me after the 13th or 14th time 
through :). 
    From there, I've been looking at as much code as I can get my 
hands on, and also am using a C++/Corba book for other references 
(Vogel et al. C++ Programming with Corba). The python mapping spec was 
just recently approved, so that is also useful. Of course, I feel like 
I've doubled my knowledge in a short time by actually coding in it, 
and spending tons of time staring at inscrutible CORBA generated 
errors (it's amazing how you can get multiple pages of stack trace and 
still not have any idea what is going on with the error :).
    I'd really like to see Loci move into more corba stuff. 
Personally, I'd like to use corba and Loci to talk with the fast Sun 
in my lab and get it to do my EST clustering for me. I'll write more 
about CORBA in a second, though...

>OpenDX also uses this approach.  Actually, Brad, did you ever receive
>those rough Loci architecture drafts that Jeff and I hacked together? 
>wouldn't mind making a wp doc from those and posting it to the group,
>once it gets the stamp of approval.  Maybe I should add _that_ to _my_
>TODO list.

No, I haven't had the pleasure to scope these out yet. I'd be very 
interested to see them, whenever they come together.


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