[Pipet Devel] G Van Domselaar TODO 20000218

Gary Van Domselaar gvd at redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca
Wed Feb 23 01:55:22 EST 2000

Brad Chapman wrote:

> Hmmm! I think you are definately overestimating my corba skills...
> Everything that I've looked at has pretty much been stuff from the
> list. Basically, I read through some really basic Corba stuff (on the
> omg page and elsewhere) about 100 million times until I could finally
> manage to grasp the general concept of what was going on. 

Then I'll do that too!

Then I
> started into reading the Fnorb docs (which I think are a pretty good
> intro to things, especially for python) and then headed on into the
> Bonobo docs (very enlightening for me after the 13th or 14th time
> through :).

Oh cripes, my reading list is piling up!

>     From there, I've been looking at as much code as I can get my
> hands on, and also am using a C++/Corba book for other references
> (Vogel et al. C++ Programming with Corba).

Oh geez, I just gotta get that one too.

>     I'd really like to see Loci move into more corba stuff.
> Personally, I'd like to use corba and Loci to talk with the fast Sun
> in my lab and get it to do my EST clustering for me. I'll write more
> about CORBA in a second, though...

Yeah that would be really sweet.

> >OpenDX also uses this approach.  Actually, Brad, did you ever receive
> >those rough Loci architecture drafts that Jeff and I hacked together?
>  I
> >wouldn't mind making a wp doc from those and posting it to the group,
> >once it gets the stamp of approval.  Maybe I should add _that_ to _my_
> >TODO list.
> No, I haven't had the pleasure to scope these out yet. I'd be very
> interested to see them, whenever they come together.

Funny, I thought I cc'd them to you when Jeff and I were haggling over
some of the details, I'll see if i can find them and resend them to ya.


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