[Pipet Devel] namespace

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun Feb 27 19:44:40 EST 2000

> I want to start naming every Loci class so that the name begins with 

    I don't think we need to worry about this too much because of the 
directory structure o' Loci. I think if anyone has another module in 
their PYTHONPATH called middle.library.modules.xml.frontTalkHandlers, 
then they *deserve* to have import problems. Plus, I don't see why 
anyone would really need or want to import loci classes other than us, 
and we can figure out if there will be problems.
    So I think we should only do this where we forsee problems (ie. 
Widget()) and not make it mandatory for all of the classes.
    Also, I have been meaning to ask about how to work class and 
function names (some people really care a lot about this issue). I 
have been mostly using the lowerThenUpperCase type style for both 
classes, modules and functions (and variables). However, I know some 
people prefer lowerThenUpper for modules and classes and 
lots_of_underscores for functions. The style guide is kind o 
wishy-washy on this. Just curious if there were preferences...


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