[Pipet Devel] improvements to main exe

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Mon Feb 28 10:22:58 EST 2000

I got the main executable to accept flags.  The problem was Gnome kept trying
to read them.  The solution is to read them before importing any module that
uses Gnome.  There is a way to make use of Gnome's argument parsing, but it's
not in pygnome yet.  Besides, Loci won't always use Gnome.

So, this is how you start Loci (copied from loci --help):

Usage: loci [OPTION...] (for now, only one option at a time)

  -m, --middle=STATE    Run (STATE=on) middle or not (STATE=off)
  -g, --gnome=STATE     Run (STATE=on) gnome or not (STATE=off)
  -?, --help            Show this help message
  --version             Display version

Default: loci --middle=on --gnome=on

So, just typing...


will start everything.  Yes, the middle and front start together.

And if you want to start only the middle, type...

    ./loci -g=off

There is still a problem shutting down Loci.  You will need to ^C or kill it.

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