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And in another take on this 'distributed/directed processing' model, the
omegahat project is an effort to move R (GPL'ed clone of S/Splus stats
modeling language) into this arena:


The omegahat software falls into three related but distinct areas: 

1.an interactive environment, including language(s) and other tools, which
in its current form can be used as a way of programming with Java
interactively and which we hope will grow to provide new approaches to
statistical computing; 

2.Java packages implementing methods of interest in statistical
applications (e.g. modeling, graphics, and simulation), or providing tools
that support the interactive environment (e.g., databases, parsing, task

3.inter-system interfaces, currently providing access to Java from some
existing statistical systems and support for distributed statistical
computing through the use of the CORBA standard. 


Anything sound familiar? :)
They also have a minimal implementation, so it may be valuable to peek at
what they have in more detail


Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> "J.W. Bizzaro" wrote:
> >
> > Brad Chapman wrote:
> > >
> > >     This just came through on the bioperl mailing list. I just took a
> > > quick look, but it is kind of scary--it seems like a lot of our ideas
> > > are already being implemented here.
> We'll have to add this one to the 'its so much like loci its scarey'
> list.  Pise looks like a good model for us to study when we imeplement
> our own web-based interface to Loci.  From my cursory rip through
> throught the description, it differs from loci primarily in that the
> data redirection (which is not well defined, so I could be off here),
> seems simplistic.  From what I can tell it is not network-distrituted,
> simply piped.  This implies that the processing applications reside on
> the same machine. The piping appears step-wise.  Consequently the
> communications layer is not abstracted, and thus limited to command-line
> programs.  Loci's strength is in its generalized data-connectivity
> brokering capability, so I don't see Pise as a 'threat' so much as a
> 'resource': Pise is GPL, so we are free to use it and study it, and   It
> does appear to have some very good design points (similar to applab in
> many respects).  I'd like to give it a try and maybe I can make some
> more accurate/insightful commentary on Loci and Pise.
> regards,
> g.
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