[Pipet Devel] FW: Manipulate XML with Perl

Lapointe, David David.Lapointe at umassmed.edu
Tue Feb 29 11:19:32 EST 2000

I know some ( most?) are on the Perl-XML list, so you saw this yesterday.

It would be interesting to try this with Python. The interaction with a
database was interesting to me.


FW: *---- *----

New article from developerWorks (http://www.ibm.com/developer/)

Manipulate XML with Perl

In this first tutorial of his series on using scripting
languages to manipulate and transform XML documents, Binary
Evolution's Parand Tony Daruger takes you through the first
steps of using these techniques with Perl. You'll see a method
for transforming XML to HTML, followed by a simple stock trading
application that uses Perl, XML, and a database to evaluate trading
rules. You can apply the techniques using other scripting languages
too, including Tcl and Python.


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