[Pipet Devel] we're back

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Tue Feb 29 15:10:57 EST 2000

Brad and I started discussing some issues off of the list, but we'll move the
conversation back here.

This is what we discussed and decided:

First, some minor/silly stuff:

(1) Text case in Python scripts:

    Modules, methods and variables will use lowercase_with_underscores.
    Classes will use InitialCaps.

(2) We'll probably stick with tabs over 4 spaces for indentation.

Some more serious issues:

(3) We think the fronts (Gnome, Web, etc.) should be able to start and
    stop the respective middles.

    So, (Brad) we have to consider...

        (a) Fronts and middles need to be initialized together.  The
            user cannot plug a front into a middle that has already
            begun building a workflow diagram (at least for now).

        (b) Since the Web interface will start multiple middles (one
            per Web user), fronts need to know which middle it is
            plugged into.

(4) The main executable will only process arguments on the command-line
    and start fronts.  It doesn't make sense to start a middle with no
    front anyway.

    I'm thinking that this main executable will start a front with an
    argument like this:

        ./loci -g=on --geometry=100x100

    and the arguments following one to start a front (-g=on) and
    preceding one to start another, will be passed to the respective
    front.  So,

        ./loci -g=on --geometry=100x100 -n=on --no-comments

    will pass -geometry=100x100 to the Gnome front and --no-comments
    to the natural language front.

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