[Pipet Devel] Loci collaboratories

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed Jan 5 13:05:38 EST 2000

J.W. Bizzaro wrote:
>Ideas are sought about how conferencing/chat and locus exchange can work
>within the Loci paradigm.  For example, can/should a 'chatter' be represented
>as a locus?  Hmmmm.
 	I really like this idea! I hadn't even thought about this before,
but, wow, there is some nice conferencing stuff available! Maybe we should
have a 'chat' locus specifically for this. Its associated gui could be the
chat program, which would pop up in separate windows (Based on the
screenshots, this would be waaaay to busy to have pop up inside a
workspace, IHMO).
	However cool this is, it would probably be a lot of work,
especially if we are going to try and get a huge chat system like 'The
Collaborative Virtual Workspace (CVW)' working with a gtk interface. Would
it be better for now just to have the CVW as a "suggested" program to use
with Loci, and then get it worked into Loci as time (and programmers)


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