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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Mon Jan 3 13:03:55 EST 2000

David Lapointe wrote:
> Yes, there are a lot of enhancements to the new core.
> I am puzzled by the way it works, but that's due
> my expectations.
> Connecting in/out   I started up a document ( input? ) connected
> a converter to it,  got a nice green connection. Then added a
> processor to the output of the converter.  That broke the
> connection between document and converter.  I went back and redid this
> and I can only imagine that I connected the wrong links.

I can't reproduce this.  Did you get a green connection between converter and
processor too?  What do you mean the connection between document and converter
broke?  Did the color change?  Did moving the locus cause the lines to move
out of sync with the locus (as if it was still connected) or in sync

(Note that the disconnecting of loci is a feature that doesn't work yet.)

> Outputs have an arrow, but what do the numbers mean?

Outputs have an arrow and can only be connected to inputs, which have no
arrow.  Green means connected, and red means unconnected.  The numbers are
simply the connection numbers.  For example, a locus with 3 outputs would have
outputs labeled 0, 1 and 2.  New versions of loci-core will show numbers only
for composite loci, which will be used to match unconnected connectors on the
composite's workspace with the icon's connectors.

When numbered connectors are connected the string in the dot becomes


and the numbers are displayed in the order of the workflow.  So, if you
connect an output #1 to an input #0, the string would be


This is so you can see both numbers in the same dot.

> Could I select an output and add a locus to it?

Not yet, but this feature will be added soon.  The only problem with this is,
while you have identified the output # of the locus, you have not identified
the input # of the locus you want to add (the 'mate').  The user will probably
be presented with a dialog asking which input # to use, unless Loci can take a
very good guess at it.

> Is there an order in which to do things?

Not really.  I haven't found the nature of the bug you spotted, and it seems
that it is this bug that makes things confusing.  Everything works in a very
intuitive manner, at least to me.

But let me ask you, what were your expectations?  How do you think it should

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