[Pipet Devel] XML database woes

Tim (not representing his employer's opinions) tim at nbci.com
Wed Jan 5 13:00:21 EST 2000

> XDBM is another.  It was mentioned here a few months back and then again by
> Tim.  Unfortunately, it has the wacky QPL license: End users can run it for
> free, but developers have to pay $300-500 per developer, per year.

This is not true.  Look carefully at the license; if you are writing
Free software compliant with their definition, then you only need pay
these fees in the event you want paid support.

>  The
> license is incompatible with the GPL, so it would have to be distributed
> separately.

This is (AFAIK) true.

Incidentally, I have been dead to the world for some time now (having
switched jobs, etc.) but might have something to contribute in the near
future (eg. this spring).  The original Codon was a hack of tacg and I
stumbled trying to make it worthwhile in any other capacity; however it
seems that the smart people at JPL (whom my father is now working with)
may provide me with some ideas for how to implement the features that
working biologists said were important to them (eg. "smart" handling of
ambiguity in chromatograms, etc.).  We'll see.  I realized while reading
today's discussions that I might as well suck it up and admit that I
haven't had much to contribute over the last year, and get on with

   "The difference between the right word and the almost-right word 
    is the difference between lightning and the lightning-bug."

                                                       --Mark Twain

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