[Pipet Devel] more cvs changes

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun Jan 9 13:03:08 EST 2000

J.W. Bizzaro wrote:
>Actually a double-click from the left (button 1) button.
>The 'loci window' is what I call a 'windowlet'.  You already have one that
>shows up under the container, but it doesn't have any filesystem info.  You
>have the filesystem info showing up in its own X-window.  I'd like to have
>everything in windowlets if possible (not possible with non-GTK GUI's).

Okee-dokee. I just cvsed a new container representation that (I think) does
what you are looking for. As usual, you can fire up the loci-file program
with './testgui.py &'. If you add a container and then give it a double
click, you'll see an imbedded window which I tried to design according to
Jeff's specifications. Along the top are the toolbar buttons and pull down
menu buttons (will little arrows) to do everything, in the middle is the
current representation of the filesystem, and at the bottom are some labels
indicating info about the container. If you click the set button, you get a
dialog allowing you to chose a directory to be represented by the
container. Pressing 'OK' will create the xml representation of this (this
is pretty slow for large/complex directories).
	Currently, you need to click the 'Renew' button to show the new
filesystem after you add it. I tried very hard to get an "automatic" update
after resetting the container contents but I ran into the problem that all
of the code to be run in the main window (ie. the refresh command) executes
before opening the chooser dialog (a new window). Does anyone with more
experience with Gtk/python have any ideas about how to make the main window
wait until the new window finishes processing stuff?
	Anyways, besides selecting and renewing, you can also use the two
pull down style buttons to change between a tree and list view, and between
setting the container as a database or filesystem (although this doesn't
currently do anything except for update the label).
	Well, that's it on that. I look forward to hearing

>We've got some major changes to make.  We might as well start a new CVS module
>called 'loci'.  Here is the preliminary structure:

Looks great to me. I'll leave this up to Jeff, since he has the master
directory plan. Let me know when you want loci-file stuff to move.


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