[Pipet Devel] libxml questions

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun Jan 9 23:14:37 EST 2000

J.W. Bizzaro wrote:
>IBM DeveloperWorks has an intro to Gnome's libxml:

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
>You may want to see if you get get the GNOME xml-parser to work
>for you instead.

Quick question--what are the specific advantages to libxml/gnome-xml that
make us want to use it over the PyXML modules? I took a look at the library
reference for the module (http://xmlsoft.org/libxml.html) and it seems to
offer the same things as the PyXML package: regular parser, SAX interface,
DOM stuff, etc. I'm probably just missing the advantages of it--could
someone detail them for me?

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
>To accomodate the retrieval of XML from a
>distributed environment, the XML parser needs to be CORBA compliant (It
>can >then pss the DOM over CORBA).  The GNOME
>xml-parser can do this:  Check out (http://xmlsoft.org/xml.html).

This definately seems like an advantage, but I guess I don't really
understand what it means for an XML parser to be CORBA compliant. Does it
have to implement some sort of interface? Sorry, this is just my ignorance,
but how do the gnome xml parsers accomplish this?
	Thanks much for any help anyone could provide on enlightening me!


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