[Pipet Devel] libxml questions

Gary Van Domselaar gvd at redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca
Mon Jan 10 15:34:28 EST 2000

> Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> >You may want to see if you get get the GNOME xml-parser to work
> >for you instead.
> Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> >To accomodate the retrieval of XML from a
> >distributed environment, the XML parser needs to be CORBA compliant (It
> >can >then pss the DOM over CORBA).  The GNOME
> >xml-parser can do this:  Check out (http://xmlsoft.org/xml.html).
> This definately seems like an advantage, but I guess I don't really
> understand what it means for an XML parser to be CORBA compliant. Does it
> have to implement some sort of interface? Sorry, this is just my ignorance,
> but how do the gnome xml parsers accomplish this?
> 	Thanks much for any help anyone could provide on enlightening me!


Its not so much the xml parser that is CORBA compliant, so much as the
gnome xmllib modules that work together to provide CORBA capability (sorry
for not being clear) There is a module (the gnome-dom library) that
contains the DOM IDL necessary to manipulated a DOMIFIED XML document via
CORBA.  To my knowledge, the python modules do not have the DOM IDL. 
Of course, I dont imagine it would be too huge a task to make a python 
DOM IDL library, using the gnome-dom library as a template.

Other considerations for GNOME's xml parser are speed (compiled vs 
interpreted) and ability to produce a DOM tree in memory or to file 
(python's XML parser creates DOM trees only in RAM).


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