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Stockholm Bioinformatics Center at KTH-SU-KI

Stockholm Bioinformatics Center is the newly created Swedish center for
bioinformatics and it is run by Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of
technology and Karolinska Institute. It is funded by the Foundation for
Strategic Research. We expect to be at least 20 scientists within a year.

We are looking for a person who can be responsible for the creation of our
Linux based computer administration.

The position includes:

       Responsibility and development of our www environment.
       Responsibility for programs and databases
       Responsibility for the security
       Implementation of bioinformatical algorithms
       System administration

We are looking for you who:

       Is familiar with Unix (Linux) administrations
       Enjoy programmig
       Would enjoy a dynamic research environment
       Wants to learn more about high performance computing

The position is as a part of a time-limited project. We want your
application at the latest: Dec 31 1999

For more information please contact: Doc Arne Elofsson (email:
arne at biokemi.su.se Tel: +46-8-161553) or Prof. Gunnar von Heijne (email:
gunnar at biokemi.su.se Tel: +46-8-162590)

Union representatives are Bo Ekengren, SACO, Lillemor Moberg, ST/ATF, and
Birgitta Carlén, SEKO, tfn +46-8-16 20 00 (switchboard)

A written application marked 55/99 should be sent to:
Stockholms universitet

J. Steinbachs, PhD
Computational Biologist
Dept of Botany
The Field Museum
Chicago, IL 60605-2496

office: 312-665-7810
fax: 312-665-7158

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