[Pipet Devel] libxml questions

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Jan 10 17:52:25 EST 2000

>Its not so much the xml parser that is CORBA compliant, so much as the
>gnome xmllib modules that work together to provide CORBA capability (sorry
>for not being clear) There is a module (the gnome-dom library) that
>contains the DOM IDL necessary to manipulated a DOMIFIED XML document via
>CORBA.  To my knowledge, the python modules do not have the DOM IDL.
>Of course, I dont imagine it would be too huge a task to make a python
>DOM IDL library, using the gnome-dom library as a template.

Thanks Gary--that makes a little more sense to me. I had been looking at
the libxml library reference and didn't see much on anything in terms of
idls. I'll take a look for the DOM idl in the gnome-dom library and see if
I can find anything equivalent in the pyXML stuff.

>Other considerations for GNOME's xml parser are speed (compiled vs
>interpreted) and ability to produce a DOM tree in memory or to file
>(python's XML parser creates DOM trees only in RAM).

I think, however, that parsing speed will be less of a concern once we get
a xml database in place, since we won't need to parse the document using
the pyXML libraries unless we are loading it, saving it, or passing it.
Most of the querying, etc. will, I hope, be done through the database. The
question of producing DOM trees not in RAM has at least been mentioned in
the pyXML documentation, so this may be something that is being worked on.
	However, since I am only using SAX and DOM interfaces for the
parsing, etc, we shouldn't even need to change the internal code if we
change from pyXML SAX/DOM parsers to gnome xmllib parsers. Hopefully, a
python wrapping for gnome xmllib will have the same interfaces (otherwise,
why bother with SAX and DOM!).
	Thanks for clearing stuff up for me!


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