[Pipet Devel] new loci module is on cvs

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Jan 24 08:23:53 EST 2000

>I had forgotten to delete them before importing the code.  I later thought
>about removing them but then recalled that you kept .pyc files in
>loci-file at one time.  I'll take them out.

Cool! Thanks. Yeah, I had them in loci-file beacause I had some crazy idea that
they were useful, but then I started getting annoyed with them and ended up
taking them out.

>Let me know if you have trouble finding anything.  Again, STRUCT should
>show you where everything moved to.  (Let's try to keep STRUCT up-to-date

I like STRUCT--very useful, and I'll definately keep it up to date. I was
playing around with stuff last night and I'm getting used to the
structure--no problemo.

>Also, we will all (whoever works on this module) be sharing the CHANGES
>(Changelog) file (organized by date and developer) and TODO (I put
>'DEVELOPERS NOTES' on the bottom; yours is there now).  Take a look at
>what I did.

Gotcha--everything looks good. Also, we all (whoever is working on this
module :) will need to start keeping each other informed of changes we plan
to make so that we don't overlap. This is what I've tried to do with my
TODO list.

>And one more thing: INSTALL (installation instructions, including
>dependencies) needs to be updated :-)

I updated it to at least reflect what we currently need. As people test it
out more we can update it with more information to help solve installation
	I just committed a whole ton of changes (it's all detailed in the
change log). Everything has now been commented with doc strings, and I'm
working on getting a method to have pythondoc generate some nice HTML pages
for it, so then we will have documentation on the code. Yay! Currently to
use pythondoc we'd have to individually run it on each module, and then
re-do this everytime we update stuff. I've talked to the pythondoc author,
and he said he would work on a way to have a listing of all the modules
that could be fed into pythondoc for processing, so hopefully this little
roadblock will be overcome.
	I made a lot of structural changes, so please let me know if
something is broken or anything.


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