[Pipet Devel] new loci module is on cvs

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Sun Jan 23 15:20:46 EST 2000

(For some reason my geoserve mail has been acting up.)

Brad Chapman wrote:
>      Hey, can I ask a personal favor? Can we not cvs *.pyc files? I just
> hate them for no good reason, and we might as well not store them in cvs
> since they don't really have any new information over the actual code

I had forgotten to delete them before importing the code.  I later thought
about removing them but then recalled that you kept .pyc files in
loci-file at one time.  I'll take them out.

>     Thanks again for taking care of that, Jeff. I'm looking forward to
> working in the brand new module!

Let me know if you have trouble finding anything.  Again, STRUCT should
show you where everything moved to.  (Let's try to keep STRUCT up-to-date

Also, we will all (whoever works on this module) be sharing the CHANGES
(Changelog) file (organized by date and developer) and TODO (I put
'DEVELOPERS NOTES' on the bottom; yours is there now).  Take a look at
what I did.

And one more thing: INSTALL (installation instructions, including
dependencies) needs to be updated :-)


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