[Pipet Devel] Big request from everyone

Thomas.Sicheritz at ebc.uu.se Thomas.Sicheritz at ebc.uu.se
Wed Jan 26 15:00:03 EST 2000

Brad Chapman writes:
 > Hey everyone!
 > 	I have a favor to request from everyone on the list! As you may
 > know, we are hoping to use XDBM as our XML database manager. Well, I have
 > been working to get XDBM compiling on my FreeBSD machine, and have been
 > having a lot of issues that I'm still trying to work out. This got me to
 > thinking that likely XDBM may have issues on other machines as well, and
 > that it might be good to get these kinks worked out before XDBM will start
 > being an essential part of Loci itself. So, my request is, could everyone
 > who has a little time on their hands try compiling XDBM on there respective
 > machines? It should work fine on Linux machines (which is where is was
 > developed) but I worry about how well it will compile on other machines.
 > There is no INSTALL file, so below I'll give you everyone I know about
 > trying to compile it (keep in mind that I haven't actually been successful
 > yet--close, but not successful!). Thanks in advance for anyone who tries to
 > do this. You can either direct questions at me (chapmanb at arches.uga.edu) or
 > at the XDBM mailing list (xdbm-dev at bowerbird.com.au). Please let me know
 > how it works out. Thanks again!
 > Brad

Ok - great advantage to take a rest from my writing :-)

SUN Ultra1, Solaris 2.7 with gcc and GNU make, reports no problem ... 
I have compiled libxdbm-1.0.6.tar.gz libunicode-0.5.tar.gz and
pcre-2.08.tar.gz ( I skipped the doc part of libxdbm-1.0.6.tar.gz which
needed cweb)
Except for minor changes in Makefiles (-L's and -I's) there were no
problems. However, I don't know how to test if everything is really ok
... in fact I have not been listening to this list since month's - so I
don't even know what I tried to compile. ;-) Does anyone (Brad !!!) has a test
script or something similar ?

Brad, what problems did you encounter ? I am actually surprised that there
were no problems at all on the SUN. Usually I am prepared for a lot of
hacking when I try to port anything to our machines - maybe I can help ?

c ya and may the --force be with you

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