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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Sun Jan 30 09:17:17 EST 2000

20000130 J.W. Bizzaro <jeff at bioinformatics.org>
* Added a new module for printing out comments as XML comments.

	comment(object1, object2, [...])

  replaces use of print function.  The idea is that this function
  can be turned on and off from the command-line (not implemented yet).

1/28/00 Brad
* Changed the dom stuff to use the 4DOM implementation instead of the 
XML-SIG dom implementation, so that we'll be compatible later when the 
XML-SIG adopts 4dom as their "official" implementation. 
* Tried a bunch of things to try and get the container/directory stuff to 
speed up. I don't think I can optimize it any more. We'll have to do 
something about that--for now I just set it to only give the info about
the top level directory, so it is quick. Maybe I can learn how to run the 
other process in the background.

1/27/00 Brad
* Continued working on the command line. The added processor now has a 
window with a model of the command line. This model will be different 
depending on the program chosen, and the info about the program will be 
found from the the xml file. More on this to come.
Big problem here: the internal widgets of a workspace don't always redraw, 
which can leave things looking ugly--need to find a way to fix this.
* Tried to fix the problems with scrolling, so that you no longer lose 
the loci off the screen. Now the scrollbars and workspace size 
automatically increase when a loci is moved toward the bottom or the 
right. The loci is stopped from moving when it attempts to go to the top 
or left of the screen. 
Problem here: As a loci moves around there seems to begin to be a 
discrepency between the world_x and world_y and its actual coordinates on 
the screen. I think this is due to the fact that canvas coordinates are 
integers, and world coordinates are doubles. Need to think of a way to 
remedy this problem.
Also, need to find a way to make the screen scroll automagically when the 
widget is moved.

1/26/00 Brad
* Started working on a better way to build the command line. Now, when a 
program is selected from a processor, its GUI changes to a new workspace, 
and a processor is added to the workspace. This processor will soon contain 
a widget that will help them construct the command line within the new 
workspace window. 

1/24/00 Brad
Whole bunch o' changes:
* Got everything documented with doc strings. I will be using doc strings 
for everything from now on. I'm still working to get pythondoc working to 
read all of our modules (I'm talking with the pythondoc author about this).
* Changed the Locus class to be a lot larger and more OO. It is now a 
separate file from gi.py. Fixed all of the problems that changing this 
* Tweaked a lot of the code in the xml, widget and wrap folders. Tried to 
make the interfaces a little more sensible. Fixed all of the problems that 
changing these interfaces caused.
* Fixed the container loading system so that the contents of the container
refresh when new contents for the container are chosen. However, this now 
makes it look like Loci is freezing up--need to think of a way to not make 
this so ugly, or to make things faster.
* Fixed the addition of new workspaces so now the workspaces are added in a 
tree type fashion as Gary suggested (ie. when a container is added inside 
a workspace, the new workspace directory is inside the directory of the 
workspace that contains the container.)
* Got sick of having two testwidget.py's that were exactly the same, so now
there is just one testwidget.py in the widget directory.
* I'm using os.makedirs in addLocusXML again since 1.5.2 is now a requirement 
for Loci.

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